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About J.D. Vivian

Education: bachelor of arts in journalism; master of arts in literature; both from Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton


Employment: English instructor (part-time), Palm Beach State College, January 1989 to August 2000; English instructor (full-time) Florida Atlantic University, August 2000 to August 2014 (took early retirement).


Also, contributing editor, The Palm Beach Post (part-time), May 1998 to May 2013 (took early retirement).


How I learned good English:

In June 1968, my parents took my two sisters and me to live under Francisco Franco, a Fascist dictator, in Rota, Spain. Dad was serving in the U.S. Navy; Rota was a submarine base west of Gibraltar (a British colony in North Africa). We had one TV station  which was controlled by the government and in Spanish only. So we had to ... are you ready for this? READ! Yes, we had to become well-acquainted with printed words. (We had no Internet, or cell phones, or even answering machines back then, either.) We lived in Spain for more than three years. During that time, I read a lot and thus learned a lot about mechanics, grammar and good writing.