EGG (Egregious Grammar Gaffe) Award 'winners'

Periodically, I shall select the recipient(s) of the EGG Award, for the most Egregious Grammar Gaffe I've found. You'll find the "winner" here. The word "winner" is in quotation marks because you can only "win" an Egregious Grammar Gaffe Award (EGG Award) if you use poor grammar or punctuation. In other words, the person or organization is not a "winner" at all.


The EGG Award for February 2015 goes to Comcast. The company sent me a advertisement for a new service. I didn't read far, though, because, in the fine print, the ad said the service was ...

"Not available in all areas."


What is wrong, grammatically, with that? If you're the first person to e-mail me the correct answer, I'll put your name here.


No one tried to answer this one, so I shall:

If the service is "Not available in all areas," it's not available anywhere. So I saw no sense in answering the ad. The service isn't available anyway!