Success stories

A woman hires J.D. Vivian in 1994 for a copy-editing position. In 2012, 18 years later, he helps her to revise her résumé so she can apply for  and land  a position in a prestigious, online financial-reporting firm.


A senior Human Resources Department executive hires J.D. to conduct seminars in how to write cover letters and résumés. (The company is about to lay off one-third of its workforce.) Three years later, the executive asks J.D. for help revising her résumé, because, after 12 years with the company, she's being laid off. She quickly lands an excellent position.


A newspaper editor  laid off from her job only minutes before  calls J.D. With her revised résumé, she receives two job offers (one is for about $62,500 a year). She accepts the other position, though it pays less, because she prefers the working conditions there.


During my tenure at Florida Atlantic University  I started in January 2000 and retired in August 2014  many students told me they were hired for a job because of their (much improved) cover letter and résumé that I helped them to revise.